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Such as FREE Made QR Code for you


Nowadays people have well known about what is QR Code and how to Scan QR Code
So we FREE Made QR Code for you, you may have this option to use the Scan
This can jump to your website, Facebook page and even Google Map…
Or straight forward to your WhatsApp contact you.

... If you really don’t want QR code service, like link here link there we also are fine. 🤣 ...

Let me tell you more detail about our service! 💪

You don’t have a design? We will do it for you, it is 🅵🆁🅴🅴 

⚠️ Free Design service is after order any type of name card and payment then will process in to FREE Design ⚠️

We will give you to view the design draft within 1-2 working days 

🔴 If you really don’t have an idea, concept to your name card design, let us know!

We had prepared many design template that allows you to watch, 
There are more than 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ design templates to let you choose,
Choose which design template that you like💖, and let us know.
After order and payment, you only need to provide us the information that want to be put on the Name Card printing.

🔴 If you already have a sample or old name card design, you may send it to us.

We could also follow your sample, to make a computer artwork then process to print the name card. It also is 🅵🆁🅴🅴

🔴 Bosses must be having trouble with your time constraint.

😱But going out have many trouble such as traffic jam again.🚌🚕🚗 

Don’t waste your valuable time going out to find name card printing, we have provided 1️⃣ on 1️⃣ Customer Service.
Follow your requirement, made your own name card, our customer service will try to respond in shortly.
Once you confirm the name card design➜ we will do the printing ➜ we will use the delivery service send it to you 🚚 to the address you appointed. 

🔴 West Malaysia FREE Shipping 🅵🆁🅴🅴 
(East Malaysia please contact us)

🔴 We will keep your name card design to our storage and it is FREE. 🅵🆁🅴🅴 

Want to redesign the old name card, add on a name, change information, but your name card design artwork couldn’t find and it is missing.
We have prepared 8️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ GB storage, to help our customer to save the name card design artwork. 
If you had bought our name card, even after 3️⃣ years or 5️⃣ years, want to find your old name card design artwork,
So please come to find us, we can help you solve your problem. 

🔴 Free Name Card Plastic Box 🅵🆁🅴🅴 

There are many other in the market doesn’t provide a plastic box for your name card,
Some they are given the plastic box but the package is not that nice cause broken the name card plastic box when delivered💢 

🔴 Before shipping, always Double-Checking Quality Control

However, the plastic box is broken... 
We provide a solution to face the plastic box been broken when deliver💢, now we are using the  bubble wrap to protect you name card
And we help you check the goods again and again👁‍🗨
We Double Confirm the name card arrives at your hand is nice and no problem 💪



We keep improving until customers 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣% receive and satisfied with it 💪

Since 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣6️⃣ until now, having 1️⃣2️⃣ thousands customers.

Sold out 5️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ million business cards. For the past 1️⃣4️⃣ years, customers continue support and buy our product.

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Our Name Card Type Are Below

PictureFrosted Plastic Name Card



Outer Die-Cut Name Card



Custom Outer Die-Cut Name Card



Hot Stamping Name Card



Spot UV Name Card


Rounded Corner Name Card



Standard Name Card


📢 Special Offer 📢

Standard Name Card『Double Sided Full Color Printing with Matt Lamination』

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