⚡ Design Concept Text Design of Print Name Card

Design Concept Text Design of Print Name Card

We all know that text is one of the most direct visual media in human daily life, and it is also a communicator of academic culture. The font design is to transform the spirit of the text and strengthen the charm of the text. Therefore, when the text is used in the design industry, it is not only for conveying messages, but also has the function of decoration / appreciation and the function of enhancing the impression.

Due to the rapid development of advertising and the influence of global design trends, no matter whether advertising companies or individuals are engaged in design work, in order to commercial needs or express their personal design concepts, in addition to changes in printing fonts; many decorative , Changeable novel fonts. Hand-drawn fonts are special fonts that are completely different from traditional fonts under the premise of emphasizing the lightness and creative fun of writing ... and many other premises.

When designing print name card, the industry often affects the way in which text is rendered. For example, soft-pen fonts are suitable for use in the Tea Art Museum. The source of the theme of the text design is: the company's full name in Chinese and English, the initials of Chinese and English, the text logo ... etc., The font includes Vientiane, the designed font, the carved seal, the traditional font. Finally, we must pay attention to the combination of fonts and writing to create the atmosphere of the layout and shape the brand into another new visual language.