⚡ Design Concept Frame Shading of Print Name Card

Design Concept Frame Shading of Print Name Card

Decorative frames and shading are the constituent elements of graphic design; they are not essential materials in the design of Print Name Card, and most are for decorative purposes.

The Print Name Card design must first attract the attention of the other party so that the other party can concentrate on the content of the Print Name Card; therefore, a clear line or shading in the Print Name Card is sometimes defensive and sometimes challenging. 

In terms of decorative frames, the role of decorative frames in the arrangement is to control the scope of the other party's field of vision to achieve the purpose of understanding the content; but if the decorative frame is too strong, it will continue to stimulate the reader's eyes and divert attention.

Therefore, the decoration of the Print Name Card should not have any resistance, and it is better to use soft lines; and then induce the focus to move to the internal theme.

Since the decorative frame and bottom spinning are mainly for decorative purposes, the color application must be based on the principle of not affecting the effect of the text; the main relationship and the auxiliary relationship should be distinguished to obtain a clear Print Name Card work, otherwise, the text and The decorative frames and shading may be mixed together, forming an anti-reading effect.