⚡ Design Concept Design Performance of Print Name Card

Design Concept Design Performance of Print Name Card

The content of the plan, the expression of the theme or the focus of the product are expressed in the form of a picture book. Its purpose is to illustrate the text, emphasize the original safety, and have complete and independent visual modeling patterns. 

In modern society where commercials are frequent, illustrations are used in almost any printed material that may be of an advertising nature, so the form and internals of the illustrations, techniques, etc. have also become one of the key points of the advertising effect. 

The choice of illustrations is divided into two categories: truth and abstraction. Designers must consider the universality or representativeness when they create, in order to resort to the soul to analyze the data, choose the elements to be invisible, and create a combination of creative skills of form and color; induce the consumption of everyone's vision and resonate with the illustration. 

Therefore, the illustration is an important material for forming a character to attract the vision among the constituent elements of the Print Name Card. Most importantly, the illustration can directly express the company's structure or industry to convey the comprehensible reading effect of the advertising content.