⚡ Design Concept Color Design of Print Name Card

Design Concept Color Design of Print Name Card

Color is a complex language. It has expressions of joy and sorrow. Sometimes it makes people's hearts bloom and sometimes makes people thrill. In addition to acting on vision, color also affects the sensory organs.

 Like yellow, it makes people think of acid, Soft color is tactile, very fragrant color is the smell, all can prove how complex and diverse the effect of color on human psychology and physiology is; therefore, it is best for Print Name Card designers to understand the company ’s corporate image. Color is a kind of combined media. 

The intensity of color does not depend on the size of the area but on the influence of regular configuration. The adjustment of the color comes from the characteristics of the color, which can also be obtained according to the size and position of the color.

Modern people no longer care about color taboos. Instead, they pursue individual color combinations. As long as they can feel the strong feelings of consumers, they can successfully grasp the application of Print Name Card colors; otherwise, if they do not fully use the color power generated by colors, Or the wrong color combination, no matter how good the content is, it can't attract everyone's attention to the content of the Print Name Card. 

Therefore, when selecting the color of the original color paper label of the Print Name Card, you must carefully consider the design creativity, otherwise, the Print Name Card spread may cause damage to the personal or corporate image.