⚡ Design Concept Color Block Design of Print Name Card

Design Concept Color Block Design of Print Name Card

Generally speaking, the color block is closely related to the face and shape; for example, a square is drawn. At this time, this square has not yet formed the impression of a face in our consciousness, but we painted this square with black. 

At that time, the consciousness of the face gradually increases, so the formation of the consciousness covered with the face often has its meaning; from this, it is derived that the consciousness of the form is established in the front, the consciousness of the face is established in the back, and between the two. 

There is also a tendency of consciousness to go back and forth, that is to say, when you see the shape, then there will be a face, and finally, the color block naturally exists.

Color blocks can be divided into geometric shapes and non-geometric shapes; usually, the color city of geometric shapes has a simple, concise, and bright feeling, but if its combination is too complicated, it is easy to lose these characteristics; non-geometric