📣 Colour Psychology in Name Card Printing

Colour Psychology in Name Card Printing

One of the most important elements of a Name Card Printing is colour. Colour will generally make up the base of your design and will also play an important role in helping you send the message you want your potential client to perceive. Now, for most people, you'll simply utilise colours from your logo or business design, but for net-workers, freelancers or the modern business professional, designing your Name Card Printing with colour psychology in mind can make your Name Card Printing a highly targeted marketing tool. 

Consider Name Card Printing designed in shades of blue or purple for example; these colours induce trust and help the client to associate your business with confidence and prestige. Perfect for anyone working in the financial sector or an industry where credibility rises above all others. Alternatively, if you're working in the financial sector you may want to avoid using an abundance of white on your design. As a colour white, although often associated with clean and quality, can often be perceived as cheap or simplistic. Not the message you want to send to potential clients.