⚡ By Material of Print Name Card

By Material of Print Name Card
It is divided according to the carrier used by the Print Name Card. The most common carrier for Print Name Card is Print Name Card paper, but Print Name Card paper is not the only carrier. Print Name Card can also be made using other materials. Print Name Card paper also adopts different specifications due to the different printing methods of laser printing and offset printing.

Digital Print Name Card
Print Name Card made with computers and laser printers. Its characteristics are: the use of special computer Print Name Card paper, pre-press and printing work can be completed by computer and printer, after printing, simple processing is required, the printing time is short, and waiting is desirable. At present, color lasers are mostly used for output abroad, and various special Print Name Card can be produced according to user needs. The production effect is better than other Print Name Card. It is currently the most popular type of Print Name Card in the world.

Offset Print Name Card
Print Name Card printed with a Print Name Card offset press. Its characteristics are: the use of special boxed Print Name Card paper, the printing is more random, the quality is acceptable, and the box can be delivered after printing. However, offset Print Name Card are complicated to print, have many printing processes, and have long delivery cycles, and must be operated by professionals. Before color laser printers were launched, they were mainly offset Print Name Card, which have now been replaced by digital Print Name Card.

Special Print Name Card
a Print Name Card printed by a screen printing machine in other carriers than paper. Can use metal, plastic and other carriers, using screen printing, Print Name Card grade is high, printing cost is also high, printing cycle is long, the price is higher than paper Print Name Card, mostly for personal Print Name Card, the use is not common. Print Name Card are colorful, but the resolution is not as good as paper Print Name Card.

Color Print Name Card
The Print Name Card printed by the printing machine is mainly printed with 300g copperplate paper, and then cut into small Print Name Card. It is divided into two kinds of dumb glue and photo glue. The printing color effect is exactly the same as that of general printing, and the color is rich. The price is low and there is a tendency to replace ordinary Print Name Card.