⚡ By Color of Print Name Card

By color
It is divided according to the color of the printing ink. Every time a color is added to the Print Name Card, one more printing is required. The color is also one of the factors that determine the price of the Print Name Card. Three colors can form a color, if you want full and realistic colors, you have to use four colors to make a true color. The simple color matching of offset printing Print Name Card, as long as printing three times, is also called color Print Name Card.

Print Name Card in one color only. Modern Print Name Card are rarely used on the front side, and those who need it are mostly for temporary use. But on the back of the Print Name Card, because it is not the main viewing surface, a large amount of monochrome printing is used

only Print Name Card in secondary colors. Because two-color Print Name Card can already embody simple logos and the prices of Print Name Card are moderate, most modern offset Print Name Card use two-color printing.

Offset Print Name Card and color computer Print Name Card printed three times without or with light-colored pictures. Because the use of tri-color can make the Print Name Card logo get better play, most companies that focus on external image use tri-color Print Name Card. The three-color Print Name Card is expensive because of its complicated overprinting and large loss. Some three-color Print Name Card need to print light-colored pictures, making plate making difficult, and the price is slightly higher than ordinary three-color Print Name Card.

True color: 
Offset printed Print Name Card with pictures, Print Name Card output by color laser printers and silk-screen Print Name Card printed more than three times. True color Print Name Card are the highest grade of Print Name Card, which makes the entire Print Name Card design ideas can be perfectly reflected. If you want to print pictures for offset Print Name Card, you have to use film plate making, so that the details of the pattern can be well expressed. 

With the popularization of color laser printers in digital Print Name Card systems, this classification has become less and less. Because as the most advanced color laser printer, you can make all kinds of Print Name Card at will. There is no problem and difficulty in printing in several colors.