A print business card could be used for lots of events and situations like meetings or gathering as the business card will be filled up with the information of name, age, job description, telephone number, email address, company name, profession, etc. print business card more likely as a thing to represent your identity and status which also introduce yourself towards the others.


The principle contrast between early Print Business Card and present-day Print Business Card is penmanship as opposed to printing. In present-day society, the utilization of Print Business Card is very normal, there are numerous groupings, and there is no bound together norm.




≛ Type of Name Card Business Card

Name Card Design Business Card Design


Arrangement Criteria of Print Business Card


The most widely recognized characterizations are as per the following: 


1. As indicated by the reason for Print Business Card, Print Business Card can be isolated into Print Business Card, open Print Business Card, and private concern card print.



2. As indicated by the Print Business Card materials and printing techniques, there are three kinds of advanced Print Business Card, counterbalance Print Business Card and exceptional Print Business Card.



3. As indicated by the printing shading, there are four sorts: monochrome, two-shading, shading, and genuine nature.



4. As indicated by the kind of design, there are three sorts of level Print Business Card, vertical Print Business Card, and collapsing Print Business Card.



5. As indicated by the printing surface, there are two kinds of single-sided printing and twofold sided printing. We characterize the above classes as follows.


What information will your print business card contain?

Before the Internet era, a good print business card was like personal calling cards. It includes your name, company name, job title, an actual address and telephone number. By taking over business communications digitally, many cards will only add new information: websites, email addresses, social network IDs, etc. This is a problem because the more times you put it on the card, the less important information people read and remember.

Here are some rules about including some text info on the print business card:

Make sure you have all the basic components: your website, phone number (if you want customers to call you), and your email address.

Include your street address only when you need someone to reach your actual location.

Clearly state your work and/or content. Typically, this requires the label line to be included under the company name or elsewhere on the card.

Why print business card still important?

Printed business cards are one of the oldest and most effective forms of direct marketing, but with the advent of technology and websites, do they still exist? Yes, this is the reason.
Over the years, I have established contacts with many people in the business world and become marketers. I often ask them how best to sell themselves directly to customers-I realize that not many people have ever answered printed business cards, but most people respond by replying to email marketing and other digital media.

Yes, I know that these continuous development technologies have made great progress, but I can't help but think that people will encounter some troubles when using a trusted old print business card. The print business card I touched and felt) is still one of my most effective direct sales media.

I think the print business card is a thing that technology can hardly replace. I have seen USB-based print business card and various print business card using technology, but they are still the physical objects that we directly hand over to the people who wish to connect with them.

Having said that, I am fully confident that print business card are still the best direct marketing tools, which is why they are so good and why they are used.

It adds personal style

However, with the continuous development of technology in the field of mobile phones, I am worried that we have almost lost the ability to communicate intimately-to really participate, talk, and have real conversations.

Many years ago, I stumbled upon a person who stumbled upon me, and that person stumbled upon my wallet or print business card in it. The key to remember here is that they remember me.

It still thinks this is impressive

Passing someone's print business card to others can not only provide your details to someone but also create a good first impression. Whenever I hand an print business card to potential customers, I always want to evaluate their response, and more importantly, how they will deal with the print business card.

If a potential customer thinks you have tried their best to contact them and invest in providing detailed information, they may contact you.

Of course, the disclaimer here is that the print business card should be carefully designed to convert the 123Print print business card to personalized design and preferential prices.

They will not run out of power or rely on technology
The email may be lost and buried by a large number of other emails, and the phone may be damaged beyond recovery. This means that potential customers have lost all contact information because customers are subject to technology.

Although the print business card may be lost, it does not require wifi to allow the client to access the information at any time.

Still need a print business card

Why do you need a print business card in 2019? This is because they are still the simplest way to obtain business contact information. Even in this technological world, where we live is still one of the best ways (if not the best way) to remind people about you and your business, which can create a business.

Print business card design concept shading

Decorative frames and shadows are elements of graphic design; they are not necessary materials in the design of the printed Print business card, and most are used for decorative purposes.

The design of the Print business card must first attract the attention of the other party so that the other party can focus on the content of the  Print business card. Therefore, clear lines or shadows in Print business card sometimes act as a defense and sometimes bring challenges.

In terms of decorative frames, the role of decorative frames in pre-arrangement is to control each other's field of vision to achieve the purpose of understanding the content; but if the decorative frame is too strong, it will continue to stimulate the reader's attention and distract.

Therefore, the decoration of the  Print business card should not have any resistance, it is best to use soft lines. Then shift the focus to the internal theme.

Since the decorative frame and bottom rotation are mainly used for decorative purposes, the color application must be based on the principle that does not affect the text effect; to obtain a clear printed Print business card, the main relationship and the auxiliary relationship should be prominent, otherwise, the text and the decorative frame and shadow may be mixed together, forming a reverse reading effect.

Print business card making

Print business card are printed on some type of print business card paper, and their visual effects, methods of printing, costs and other detailed details can differ according to cultural or organizational norms and personal preferences. The weight common to print business card varies according to the venue. Print business card cards are usually printed at 350 grams per square meter (density), 45 millimeters (100 pounds) (weight), or 12 pounds (thickness).
Initially, the weight of these cards was greatly reduced, and perforations could be felt at the edges, but advances in printer and paper design allowed professional-looking cards to be printed.

Spot colors are often used for printing replacement print business card without full-color photos on a sheet-fed offset press. Some companies even have spot colors on their trademarks (for example, brown UPS, purple Los Angeles Lakers and orange Tide). If the logo of the print business card is monochrome and the form is a different color, the process is called two colors. More spot colors can be applied to match the card 's needs. With the start of digital printing and batch printing, printing print business card in full color is now cost-effective.

A cheaper method, called thermal imaging, has been developed to simulate the effect of printing with engraved plates, using a plastic powder that can be replaced on wet ink. The card would then be rotated to the heating machine, melting the plastic onto the card. A similar effect can be achieved with the application of UV varnish on a matte layer substratum.

Similarly, sheet-fed printers can print full-color cards or cards with multiple colors. Therefore, they use the four-color printing process CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). The colors overprinted on the panel should produce more colors. The disadvantage of this printing method is that if you search carefully, you will find tiny dots in the filtered ink, and the spot ink card will always be printed in solid color. Or a simple non-black card, less than 5 points.

To spread paint like other inks, using other devices on sheet-fed presses. In other words, it is also possible to use UV coatings which will generate greater design potential. Do not use paint, rather than UV paint. The paint should be vitrified or semi-glazed before printing.

They can also use a digital copier to print business card. The copier uses fused toner to the print business card surface, but many modern printing companies have replaced high-end "digital printers" and can now use it as a light-to-light office copy. Manufacturing tools, such as the Bizhub 5500 from Konica Minolta, the newest wireless printing press from HP Indigo and other new products.

Although some older office copiers can have trouble handling heavy print business card paper, the new digital presses can print 407 g / m2 of special quality paper (150 # cover paper) and print special substrates, such as polypropylene, for example. Most modern digital printers may be used in worksheets and Web templates, may replicate Pantone spot colors, can print more than 7 colors at a time and some may even have embedded spectrophotometers and air-assisted paper feed systems.

UV coatings and other coatings (such as water-based coatings) can be used to improve card production. Undried cards are "mounted", that is, the ink on the front of one card is on the back of the other card. Generally, this layer has a higher gloss, but is more likely to produce fingerprints, and the water-based coating is less obvious, so the card replacement time may be extended. You can use dim water-based paint on uncoated cards to get some very strong uncoated cards, or you can use UV coating or plastic extrusion technology to thicken thin cards, they are even stronger.

(Bleeding refers to the section where the written lines or colors surpass the lines of the paper to be written.) This helps to ensure that white edges do not appear when cutting the paper due to the slight difference in the blade's cutting location. Cards that have almost no tailoring are nearly impossible. Hair loss alone will cause white lines and when cutting, the blade itself will pull out the paper. The image can also be moved on the paper.

By using a print business card

Print business card according to your intentions. Printing business cards is mainly used for communication. In the past, due to the underdevelopment of economy and transportation, the contact between people was not extensive, and the market for printed business cards was not large. With the reform and opening up in the interior, population migration has intensified, and people-to-people exchanges have increased. The use of Visa cards began to increase. Especially in recent years, with the economic development information has begun to develop, printed business cards have become the mainstream of the business activity market. People can communicate in two ways, one is communication between friends, the other is communication between employers, one is commercial, and the other is non-commercial, which is the basis for classifying printed business cards .

Print business card:

The print business card used for commercial transactions by businesses or individuals, most of which are used for profit. The key features of the print business card are: print business card also use logos, registered trademarks, printed with business scope, large corporations have a single print business card printing format, using high-grade paper, print business card with no private family details, mainly used for business activities.

Public print business card:

This is an identification card used in foreign-exchange purchases by the government or social groups. Using the print business card doesn't make a profit. The key characteristics of the public print business card are: print business card mostly use signs, some are printed with external service scope, there is no single print business card printing style, print business card printing tries to be easy, relevant, pay attention to job titles, roles, there is no private family details in print business card, mostly used for Service foreign exchange.

Personal print business card:

The print business card used to share feelings with friends and meet new people. The key features of a personal print business card are: print business card do not use logos, customized print business card design, free to play, mostly printed with personal images, interests, titles and occupations, using print business card paper according to personal tastes, print business card include private family information, mostly used for the exchange of friends and advertisement.