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Classification Criteria of Business Cards Printing

The main difference between the Business Cards Printing in the past and nowadays are handwriting and printing.

In this modern society, the use of Business Cards Printing is quite common, there are many classifications but do not have uniform standard. The most common classifications are as follows:

1. Purpose of Business Cards Printing can be divided into Business Cards Printing, public Business Cards Printing and personal Business Cards Printing.

2. There are three types of materials and printing methods,  which are Business Cards Printing, offset Business Cards Printing and special Business Cards Printing.

3. There are four types of printing color they are monochrome, two-color, color and true color.

4. Three types of layout which are horizontal, vertical and fold.

5. There are two types of printing surface which are single-sided printing and double-sided printing.

By surface of Business Cards Printing

The Business Cards Printing is divided to front and back. Every Business Cards Printing can be printed on either one side or both sides. The price of the Business Cards Printing is mostly depends on the surface printed.

Single-sided printing: 
The Business Cards Printing which are only printed on one sideOne side of simple Business Cards Printing is enough to express the meaning of Business Cards Printing. Nowadays,  most of the domestic business cards are only printed on one side.

Double-sided printing: 
The Business Cards Printing which are printed on both sides. Business Cards Printing use double-sided printing when one-sided Business Cards Printing cannot fully express the information of the individuals.

Colour of Business Cards Printing

Divide according to the colour of printing ink. Individuals need to print the Business Cards Printing one more time every time when the colour ink is added. Colours is also one of the reason to determine the price of Business Cards Printing. Three colors can form a color. A complete and realistic color can be made but four colors are needed to be generated.  When the simple color matching of offset Business Cards Printing printed three times, the Business Cards Printing can called as color Business Cards Printing.

Business Cards Printing which consists of one colour. Business Cards Printing nowadays seldom used on the front side, for those who need it are mostly temporary. Due to the back of the Business Cards Printing are not the main viewing surface, most of the individuals prefer to print it as monochrome.

Business Cards Printing with secondary colors only. Simple logos can already contain in two-color Business Cards Printing and the prices of Business Cards Printing are acceptable, most offset Business Cards Printing nowadays are printed in two colors.

Offset Business Cards Printing and color computer business Business Cards Printing can be considered to print three times, this is because the logo of the companies can be display effectively by using tri-color. This is the reason why most of the companies focus on external image by using tri-color Business Cards Printing. The price of three-color Business Cards Printing is higher than ordinary Business Cards Printing because it is a complicated overprinting and large loss progress. Some three-color Business Cards Printing print with light-colored pictures, it makes the making plate becomes more difficult, so the price is more expensive than ordinary three-color Business Cards Printing.

True color: 
Business Cards Printing with pictures. The printing volume of Business Cards Printing printed by color laser printers and silk-screen printed business cards is three times more. True color Business Cards Printing are the highest grade among the Business Cards Printing, it can makes the entire Business Cards Printing  reflecting perfectly. Film plate making is needed to print the Business Cards Printing with pictures, so that the details of the pattern can be showed up well.

The classification become not really important with the popularization of color laser printers in digital Business Cards Printing systems, this is because most of the advanced color laser printer can make all kinds of Business Cards Printing. It is not a problem and difficulty for laser printer in printing several colors.

What Type of Business Cards Printing?


If you're in a conservative industry, if you're looking for a basic Business Cards Printing, traditional style is the perfect option. Without any decorative elements, this card provides all the essential details required. You can use high-quality paper to attract appeal. If you want to go beyond professional, classic Business Cards Printing is the ideal choice.


If you are looking for something unique, then Business Cards Printing can be used in the wild format. You can use a fold-able design to turn your Business Cards Printing into a brochure. Another option is Business Cards Printing smaller than the standard size. These are good ways to make your Business Cards Printing noticeable but consideration must be given to how Business Cards Printing can be stored.


You should create a Business Cards Printing for people who only connect with social networks, but includes only social networking sites. Some people do not use their phone or postal address to communicate with potential contacts. You don't have to have any contact details that you don't want to use if you are such a person. When designing a Business Cards Printing one of the most important things to remember is that it should make it easy for people to communicate with you. For people who spend hours on social networks, you should include the URL of your Facebook page and Twitter account. Your IM information may also be included in the Business Cards Printing.

Business Cards Printing can also take the form of objects, which are related to the types of services and products you provide. If you force the automotive industry you can shape the Business Cards Printing like a car. This type of card is sure to impress. 

Most Effective Direct Selling Tools Business Cards Printing


Email marketing, search engine optimization, and projected media have both done a decent job in drawing new clients and existing consumers but not quite as successful as casual meetings that shake hands and share Business Cards Printing.


At trade shows, market conventions, happy hours, airport waiting areas, etc., you will encounter prospective clients or associates, and use your Business Cards Printing holder anywhere, wherever, to ensure you never lose touch with new business opportunities.

The First Impression of Your Brand Business Cards Printing


If you meet someone who might become a potential customer or network, do you not want to make a profound first impression on him or her? An unforgettable Business Cards Printing can directly deliver lots of email addresses or phone numbers.


I do not want my brand to be synonymous with the word "cheap" when creating a link with a Business Cards Printing Retail shops who wish to please do not make a signboard with a sheet of cardboard and a slice of sandpaper on their storefront. My Visit Card has the same idea.


My goal is to impress people. They left a deep first impression and played a great icebreaker position as well. I never finished the talk until presenting the Business Cards Printing. The exclusive Business Cards Printing is in turn going to help encourage dialogue.


Yes, they cost more-but to think about how much you can cut the total cost to allocate funds for premium Business Cards Printing. It will leave a deep first impression to pick up the office table tennis table and coffee machine and take some Business Cards Printing.