Business Cards Print plays an important role in opportunities opening up. They help to boost revenue owing to the influence of personal networking. Knowing your company with a good networking strategy will build a true identity for the brand. Business Cards Print  help to establish an integral chain of personal relationships. Get timely delivery of better Business Cards Print right at your doorstep. There are two ways people can connect with each other: one is communication between friends, the other is communication at the workplace, one is commercial and the other is non-commercial, which is the basis for classifying Business Cards Print .


≛ Type of Name Card Business Card


Name Card Design Business Card Design


By Material of Business Cards Print 

It is divided according to the carrier used by Business Cards PrintBusiness Card Print paper is the most common carrier for Business Cards PrintBusiness Cards Print can also use in other materials. Different printing methods of laser printing and offset printing has different specifications in the Business Cards Print paper.

Digital Business Card Print
Business Cards Print which made by computers and laser printers. The characteristics of Business Cards Print are they made by special computer Business Cards Print paper. Before printing and printing work can be done by computer and printer. After printing, simple processing is required, the printing time is efficient, and waiting is desirable. Nowadays, Color lasers are mainly used for foreign output, and can produce various special business cards according to user needs.The impact of development is greater than other venture cards. Today it is the world's most common form of Business Cards Print.

Offset Printing Business Cards Print
Business Cards Print which printed with a Business Cards Print offset press. The characteristics of offset Business Cards Print are they using Business Cards Print paper special boxed, the randomly printing, acceptable quality, and the box can be conveyed after printing. But, it is complicated to print offset Business Cards Print, this is because they many printing processes is involved, long delivery cycles, and this must be done by professionals. Offset Business Cards Print have now been replaced by digital Business Cards Print after color laser printers were launched.

Special Business Cards Print
It is printed on other carriers like metal, plastic and etc by using a screen printing machine. By using screen printing, the grade of Business Cards Print are high, they cost higher than paper Business Cards Print, long printing cycle, they are mostly for personal Business Cards Print.  Special Business Cards Print are colorful, but the resolution is not as well as paper Business Cards Print.

Color Business Cards Print
The Business Cards Print are mainly printed with 300g copperplate paper by printing machine, they then will be cut into small Business Cards Print. The Business Cards Print are divided into two kinds of glue, which are dumb glue and photo glue. The printing color effect is same as general printing. They costs low price and they might be replaced the ordinary Business Cards Print.


Global Variations of Business Cards Print


The Business Cards Print in Japan are called "Famous Thorn". Usually, the company name is at the top in the largest print size, then the job title, and then the personal name. This information is written with Japanese characters and is usually Latin characters on the reverse. Meishi may typically also use QR codes to provide contact information in a specific type of computer, which has not been a standard practice yet. According to a 2007 survey, less than 3% of Japanese people have Meishi printed with QR codes.



The Business Cards Print can be put in the top two corners, face up and opened, it should be read by the individual who holds the master brake, so using both hands to grab it in the bottom two corners. Putting your finger on the name or other information is impolite. People are required to read the Business Cards Print after receiving the "Famous Instructor," and to assign the name and grade of the individual. Then, another person should be thanked, say "choudai itashimasu" ("I accept your Business Cards Print") or "choudai shimasu", and bow. For example, when Meishi is exchanged between different parties, between the company's president and middle managers, it is appropriate for some merged individuals to expand their Business Cards Print in such a way that they are in a higher position The artificial replacement of Meishi below.



Meishi should be put in a smart holster that won't warm up or wear, all of which are considered to be signs of disrespect or negligence. The popular poems that have been obtained should not be written on the pocket or in the pocket; if Meishi is put on the table, the receiver places it on top of the holster before they leave the table. If the meeting is attended by multiple people and one person receives multiple Meishis, the person with the highest rank is placed on the leather box and another person is placed on the bench.



The manner in which the receiver treats the Meishi of the presenter shows how the receiver should perceive the presenter. Actions like cutting the Business Cards Print in two, or inserting the name of the presenter in the back pocket are called rude.



Japanese executives or officials usually have two names: one is Japanese, used by Japanese compatriots, in the order of Japanese names (surname first), and the other is used by foreigners, whose names are in Spanish (last name).

By Use of Printing Business Cards Print 

It is classified by the purpose of using the Business Cards Print. The main purpose of Business Cards Print is for communication. The people cannot communicate widely and the Business Cards Print are not demanding by business man in the past, this is because the economy and transportation are not developed well. With the well development of mainland, movements of population increased, and the information exchanges between people also increased. The use of Business Cards Print has begun to increase. Particularly in recent years, knowledge has begun to evolve with economic growth, and the used of Business Cards Print in advertising becomes the mainstream of the market. Interactions between people are communication between friends and communication between workplaces. Based on these interactions, former is non-commercial and the latter is non-commercial, which also becomes the basis for Business Cards Print classification.

Business Cards Print: 

Business Cards Print are used for profit in business activities by companies. The main characteristics of Business Cards Print are Business Cards Print use logos, registered trademarks, printed with business scope oftenly. Large companies have their own Business Cards Print printing format, they use high quality paper,Business Cards Print without private family information, and it is mainly used for business purpose.

Public Business Cards Print: 

Government or social groups used it in foreign exchanges. This is not for profit. The main characteristics of public Business Cards Print are Business Cards Print often use signs, some of the Business Cards Print are printed with  scope of external service. There is no specific Business Cards Print format, the printing strives of Business Cards Print are easy and applicable, it mostly focus on personal titles and job titles, and there is no private family information on the Business Cards Print.

Personal Business Cards Print

A kind of Business Cards Print used for exchange feelings among friends and meet new people. The key features of personal Business Cards Print are there are no logos and personalized Business Cards Print design. They are free to play and design, they mostly printed with individual's photos, hobbies, titles and occupations. The used of Business Cards Print paper is based on their personal preferences. And the Business Cards Print may consist of private family information.

User's Guidance

One, individuals should deliver their Business Cards Print for their customers everytime they meet them. Second, deliver the Business Cards Print not only for the boss but also everyone in the unit. Third, give two Business Cards Print is better for the recipient to transfer the Business Cards Print to others. Fourth, insert two Business Cards Print in each letter, birthday card, holiday card and thank you. Last but not least, put at least two Business Cards Print in each media kit.


Size Specification Drawing Section of Business Cards Print

1. The thickness of the wire frame should not be less than 0.1 mm for all input or self-drawn line color blocks and other graphics, otherwise the printed image would split or fail to show up.

2. If the wire frame is set to "Zoom with Image," please carefully check it after the draft is finished, otherwise an irregular wire frame may be created during output printing.

3. Please convert the layered objects to a bitmap when they are placed in the frame for precise clipping, because if the positioned frame is rotated after grouping with other objects, the direction of the layered layer will be not rotate together.

4. With any gradient item, the "edge width" cannot be set, since the output machine 's definition is different, which often causes insufficient filling of the gradient edge.


Special Etiquette of Business Cards Print

There is no restrictions and it is freely to deliver your Business Cards Print outside the United States and Canada. Other than people can officially exchange Business Cards Print in international business activities, Business Cards Print can also become a valuable record. The Business Cards Print are represent as record of the people you met in the past activities, and also the important information for you to contact with them in the future.

Nonetheless, you must clearly understand that such special marks for the exchange of Business Cards Print exist in other cultures. In Japan, the way of exchanging Business Cards  is just as important as the material. The Business Cards Print exchange method is like a ballet with well-designed movements. The practical steps below are:

1. Using both thumbs and forefinger to hold the Business Cards Print. When delivering Business Cards, the main body of the Business Cards Print should face to the person who accepts your Business Cards. Meanwhile, you have to bow slightly, which  slightly lowered your head.

2. The people who accepts the Business Cards Print must nod to show the gratitution to the person who gave them the Business Cards Print, he or she has to deliver his or her own Business Cards at the same time in the same way. After that,  spend some time for reading the content on the Business Cards carefully. This is because the Business Cards are act as identity of the person, Business Cards are act as a representative to you, they showing other what you do, and who you work for.

3. Then, everyone must also keep a Business Cards Print on his chest for the other party wasy to remember at the correct time in each of the small ceremonies.

4.Seek not to have Business Cards Print numbered or annotated.
And if you are left-handed in the Middle East and other Southeast Asian nations, you have to handle Business Cards Print with your right hand rather than your left hand. This is because left hand is used to clean the body and it is considered dirty.

Please do remember that do not put Business Cards Print in your pockets in any culture. We have noticed that a few informal Americans use Business Cards Print as toothpicks! (Your client must be thinking across the table: "Hey! That is my identity, not your toothpick.")

Bilingual Business Cards Print

Some tourists will bring along their Business Cards Print with English and the local language when they travel to the country where English is not commonly used. Please make sure that the consistency of both sides of the written text is the same, so it will be not to conclude that the local language is a language of second status unintentionally. There are plenty of 24 hour outlets in this area in other major cities. When you are going to a city like Tokyo or Hong Kong but do not have bilingual Business Cards Print, you can ask the concierge of the hotel where that service is available.

In any case, you need to confirm that the title is written down. Showing a title would not only help local people understand but will also be the most accurate representation of your position. Titles such as "deputy," "associate" or "executive assistant" are easily misunderstood outside the United State. So it is hard for people in understanding certain parts of the word the difference between of the words like "director" and "manager". Outside the United States, the title of vice president is rarely used, but businessmen in other countries know it represents a particular status. Similarly, people outside North America were also puzzled by acronyms like CEO , CFO( Chief Financial Officer) and COO ( Chief Operating Officer).

In English-speaking countries with the same family, the British "chairman" is equivalent to the "president" of the United States. In the United Kingdom, "director" is a senior position, equivalent to "vice president" in the United States. Meanwhile, this title also indicates that the person is a member of the board of directors.

In Japan, two American business women described their experiences by using Business Cards Print. One of them is the president of her company. In Japan she is still greeted by senior Japanese businessmen, no matter where she goes. Yet another Business Card Print was classified as an international marketing manager (director), but she was handled in a white-eyed way-indifference. Both women believe the role and position in the industry is very significant in the Japanese business community. In the end, with the permission of their clients, the director of the international marketing department appoints himself as the president of "Some International"( the name of her company). In reality, this company's name is the official name of a international sales organization being a tax-specialized agency, so she's right about her appointment. A few months later, the lady went to Japan again and this time, her warm welcome was brought by the renamed "President" title on her Business Card Print.

Warning: Do not invent your own title for making a deep impression. This is because, if someone found out that you are cheating, you will lose credibility from other companies, which is harmful in the long run.

Special reminder: In those countries and regions where men are dominant (eg Latin America, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia), if you are married, you may consider adding “Mrs.” before your name to indicate your identity . The advantage of this to avoid offensives of some undesirable actions.