Business Cards Print appeared first in feudal society. During the Warring States era, China began to form a centralized State. The economy also developed through the use of advanced production methods such as ironware which contributed to cultural change. Confucianism depicted by Confucius and other schools has produced a scene of contention among hundreds of schools.


In the Eastern Han Dynasty, the thorn was also called Ye. Starting to see people, the famous assassination. This Ye or the famous thorn, tied to the wood, is 22.5 cm long and 7 cm wide, found in the excavated Han grave. There is the name of the famous murderer and the birthplace, which is close to today's business cards print.






Basic Meaning of  Business Cards Print in China


The economic system is still undeveloped, most people are fixed on the land, and the slaves have no access to learn; a small number of heritable slave owners make up a small group of governors. Since the governing circle has not changed for a long time, it is not popular in tandem with literacy, there is no prerequisite for Business Cards Print creation.



Business Cards Print first appeared in feudal society. China began to form a centralized state during the Warring States era. The economy has also grown through the use of advanced manufacturing methods like ironware which has contributed to cultural change. Confucianism portrayed by Confucius and other schools has created a scene with hundreds of schools in contention. Both countries are committed to expanding territory, promoting and spreading the culture of the region, and the war has brought forth a large number of new nobles. Particularly after Qin Shihuang 's reunification, China undertook a major reform: unifying the national script.



The Business Cards Print is called "Ye" when it is seen in the history books of the Western Han Dynasty. "Shi Ming · Shi Shu Qi" contains: "Ye, Yuyao. The name of the book is from the office to the Yizhe. "Ye was also called the thorn in the Eastern Han Dynasty. The famous assassination begins to see people. Found in the excavated Han tomb, this Ye or the famous thorn, tied to the wood, is 22.5 cm long and 7 cm wide. There is the name of the famous assassin and the birthplace, which is similar to the Business Cards Print of today.



In the Tang Dynasty, Mu Jian's name was changed to the famous paper. In the Tang Dynasty, Changan Xinke Jinshi exchanged paper with red paper. At the end of the Tang Dynasty, it was called the door and the door, and they were all a way of contacting the self-reported door. The famous papers of the Song Dynasty still have the handwriting of the master. According to Zhang Shinan in the Southern Song Dynasty in "Younan Jiwen", he hid the famous quote written by Huang Tingjian, and the famous quote sent to him by Qin Guan is similar to today's New Year's card. The Palace Museum in Beijing also has a "Calligraphy Post" by Cai Xiang, a calligrapher of the Northern Song Dynasty. According to Lu You's research in Lao Xue An Notes, it is similar to "Name Thorn".



The name change stabbing in the Yuan Dynasty was called "Bai Tie", and was also called "Famous Tie" and "Film" in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The content has also been improved,



In addition to the self-reported name and place of birth, he also wrote an official position. In the Qing Dynasty, "Bamboo Language" was testified by a poem: "This is a new, small, three-inch-long and two-inch-wide worship box", "The red note has a two-inch title and surname, Zeng Xu Pregnant with half trouble." We know from the poems that the famous masters of the Qing Dynasty were very small and they are still Meihong papers. After textual research, the famous articles of the Qing Dynasty are different from those of the Tang Dynasty. Instead, it was written in plain text, engraved with wooden stamps, and printed on Meihong paper. Later, there was a white paper title post (for details, see Xu Ke's "Clean Barnyard Banknotes and Customs").



The format of the "name stickers" is almost the same as today's Business Cards Print, and the married women's Business Cards Print also add the husband's last name. Its size and size also have routines: two inches wide and three inches long. For literary exchanges and visits, the host usually visits a friend and asks the servant or scholar to post the name to the host of the other party, and then the host presents it to the host. There is a section in Suzhou's novel "The Golden Phoenix", which read that Suzhou citizen Qian Zhijie went to Beijing to visit the prime minister because of the rain, and the prince asked him to pay me 500 silver two. According to Wang Dingbao's "Tang Yi Yan", this became a habit in the Tang Dynasty, and Liu Lufeng of the Tang Dynasty handed him a famous thorn, which was also blocked by Dono. In the book "The Wizard of Oz", some candidates posted posts for comments, but the host Yu Bing did not want to see them, so he asked his father to say he was not at home, which showed that the famous posts were very popular at the time.



The Tang and Song literati went out to worship, and also like to bring a worship box, which contains pen and ink, but can be handwritten on the spotPopular name cards have been printed in the Qing dynasty, and there have been less handwritten name notes, unless the owner was a great calligrapher and wanted to show one hand. Baijia's a spiritual icon too. The Baijia were made very delicately in the Late Qing and early Republics. The boxes were made of wood or lacquer ware, and on them were painted landscape figures. The Baijia collected in the Palace Museum today is elegant and exquisite, and the appreciation value is quite high.



In the Ming Dynasty, the rulers followed the Tang and Song imperial examination systems, making them civilians. Reading has become the only way for ordinary people to improve their lives, and the number of literate people has increased accordingly. The opportunities for people to interact have increased. When students see the teacher, they must first submit their "name stickers", that is, "door samples" during the Tang and Song Dynasties. It was only at this time that "name posting" was entangled with the word "name". The "Name Post" in the Ming Dynasty was rectangular, usually 7 inches long and 3 inches wide. If you submit a position to an elder or supervisor, the name on the "Name Position" should be larger, the name on the "Name Position" should be more polite, and the name on the "Name Position" will be considered arrogant.



The Qing Dynasty was officially called "Business Cards Print". The Qing Dynasty was the end of China's feudal society. Due to the continuous invasion of the West, increased exchanges with the outside world and increased the popularity of Business Cards Print also with foreign countries. The Qing Dynasty Business Cards Print began to evolve towards miniaturization, particularly in the officialdom. To show modesty, officials used bigger Business Cards Print, and official colleges used smaller Business Cards Print to display prestige.



Sometimes, celebrity Business Cards Print is used by others. In the Qing Dynasty, Xu Shidong from Yin County of Zhejiang Province attended a banquet of local officials. He learned that someone had used his Business Cards Print to go to a government agency for private matters, but fortunately, someone saw it. The Business Cards Print of other squires and celebrities may be the same. The reason is that these people distribute Business Cards Print everywhere during the New Year, which is because of the large number of Business Cards Print outflows (" Yanyulou Notes·Volume 5"). Later, many celebrities marked "not used for other purposes" on the back of their Business Cards Print to avoid being used by cunning people.

Making Process Design of Business Cards Print


You need to find your favorite Business Cards Print template according to your personal hobbies if you want to print Business Cards Print. If you're not happy with the blueprint, you can build it yourself as well; if you don't want to work that hard, we will still build it for you, but you will have to follow the rough specifications and bear the expense of the design.



1. Use template:

In the Business Cards Print center, we have placed a large number of representative excellent templates that have been printed before according to different printing methods of Business Cards Print for you to choose when customizing Business Cards Print. Over time, we will delete some outdated templates and add new ones constantly. If you are a member of ours and have a Business Cards Print printed in our store, we also have the right to temporarily store your Business Cards Print template. The next time you add a Business Cards Print, just report your name and password. Made to order.



2. Design by yourself:

Undoubtedly, this is the best choice for designing your own Business Cards Print. Only you can best understand your needs. You can play as you like, saving you the trouble of proofreading again and shortening the delivery time of Business Cards Print. Recommend a better Business Cards Print designer on the market: Joyinker, because of its simple operation, you can also apply the Business Cards Print template provided. It has realized its own design, online order upload, online payment, and home delivery integration, convenient process, and truly meet the social needs of not leaving home to get Business Cards Print.


Construction of Business Cards Print


Business Cards Print are printed on some form of Business Cards Print paper, and its visual effects, printing methods, costs, and other detailed information will vary according to cultural or organizational norms and personal preferences. The common weight of Business Cards Print varies by location. Typically, Business Cards Print are printed at 350 grams/square meter (density), 45 millimeters (100 pounds) (weight) or 12 pounds (thickness).



Initially, the weight of these cards was significantly reduced, and perforations could be felt at the edges, but improvements in printer and paper design made it possible to print professional-looking cards.



Spot colors are usually used to print replacement Business Cards Print on a sheet-fed offset press without full-color photos. Some companies even have spot colors on their trademarks (for example, UPS Brown, Los Angeles Lakers Purple, and Tide Orange). If the Business Cards Print logo is monochrome and the type is another color, the process is considered to be two colors. You can add more spot colors according to the needs of the card. With the beginning of digital printing and batch printing, it is now cost-effective to print Business Cards Print in full color.



To simulate the effect of printing with engraved plates, a cheaper method has been developed, called thermal imaging, which uses plastic powder that can be replaced on wet ink. The card is then rotated into the heating unit, which melts the plastic onto the card. A similar effect can be achieved by applying UV varnish on the matte sheet substrate.


Sheet-fed presses will also print full-color cards or cards that use multiple colors. However, they use the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) four-color printing process. Screens with colors that are overprinted on each other will produce a wider color gamut. The disadvantage of this printing method is that if you check carefully, the filtered colors will find small dots, and in most cases, the spot color card will be printed in solid color. Or a non-black simple card with less than 5 points.



Use other units on sheet-fed presses to apply paint like other inks. In other words, UV coatings can also be applied, which will generate more design potential. Do not use paint instead of UV paint. Before printing, paint should be glazed or semi-glazed.



Business Cards Print can also be printed using a digital copier that uses toner fused to the surface of the Business Cards Print, but many modern printing companies have replaced high-end "digital printers" and can now use it as an office copier, from light to light. Production equipment, such as Konica Minolta's Bizhub 5500, the latest HP Indigo digital printing press and other latest equipment.



Although some older office copiers may encounter problems when handling heavy Business Cards Print paper, the latest digital presses can print special quality paper with a quality of 407 g/m2 (150# cover paper) and can print Special substrates, such as polypropylene. Many modern digital printers can be used in worksheets and Web models, can simulate Pantone spot colors, can print more than 7 colors at a time, and some even include embedded spectrophotometers and air-assisted paper feed systems.



UV coatings and other coatings (such as water-based coatings) can be used to speed up the production of cards. Undried cards will be "placed", that is, the ink on the front of one card will be marked on the back of the other card. This layer usually has a higher gloss, but is more likely to produce fingerprints, and the water-based coating is not obvious, but it can extend the replacement time of the card. You can use dim water-based paint on uncoated cards and get some very durable uncoated cards, and you can also use UV coating or plastic extrusion technology to thicken thin cards, so they are also more durable.



(Bleeding refers to the portion where the printed lines or colors exceed the lines of the paper to be printed.) This helps ensure that when cutting the paper, white edges will not appear due to slight differences in the cutting position of the blade. Cards, cards with almost no tailoring are almost impossible. Hair loss alone will cause white lines, and the blade itself will pull the paper when cutting. The image on the paper can also be moved.

Specification of Business Cards Print


Model / Size (mm) of Business Cards Print:

Standard : 89mm x 54mm / 86mm x 52mm / 89mm x 50mm / 86mm x 54mm

Custom Size: 40mm x 40mm (min) / 89mm x 54mm (max)



Paper Type of Business Cards Print
Gloss Art Card: 250gsm / 310gsm / 360gsm

Fine Card: Brilliant White 220gsm

Linen: 240gsm

Metal Ice: 250gsm

Synthetic Paper: 180micron (0.18mm)

Super White: 250gsm

Suwen: 240gsm

Vellum: 220gsm



Print Colour & Print Side of Business Cards Print:

Standard : 4C + 0 (1 side) / 4C + 4C (2 sides)

Thin Fold & Fat Fold : 4C + 0 (1 side) / 4C + 4C (2 sides)



Finishing Business Cards Print:


Gloss / Matte Lamination / Gloss Water Based Varnish Business Cards Print
1 side / 2 sides

(Not applicable for Fine Cards)

(1 side finishing is applicable for Gloss /Matte Lamination only)


Spot UV Business Cards Print

1 side / 2 sides

(Available with Matte Lamination (both) and selected quantity)

(For Gloss Art Card 250gsm and 310gsm only)


Hole Punching Business Cards Print

- Diameter 3mm / Diameter 5mm - 1 hole at fixed position on shorter side (Not applicable for Thin Fold & Fat Fold)


Hot Stamping Business Cards Print

- 1 side only (Front or Back) - 2 sides (Both)

(Applicable for Gloss Art Card only)

- 6 colours available : Gold, Silver, Green, Blue, Black & Red - Max. 2 colours


Round Corner Business Cards Print

- Radius 6mm - 15 options

(Not applicable for Thin Fold & Fat Fold)


Custom Die-Cut Business Cards Print

(Not available for Spot UV, Hole Punching, Hot Stamping and Round Corner)


Creasing/ Customised Creasing Business Cards Print

(Applicable only for Thin Fold & Fat Fold)


The First Impression of Your Brand Business Cards Print


When you meet someone who may become a potential customer or network, do you not want him or her to make a deep first impression? An unforgettable Business Cards Print can directly send any email addresses or phone numbers.



When establishing a connection through a Business Cards Print, I don’t want my brand to be associated with the word "cheap". Retail stores that want to impress people will not use a piece of cardboard and a piece of sandpaper to make storefront signs. My Business Cards Print has the same idea.



My goal is to impress people. They left a deep first impression and played the role of a great icebreaker. After handing in the Business Cards Print, I never ended the conversation. In fact, the unique Business Cards Print will further promote dialogue.



Yes, they cost more, but consider how much total cost can be cut to allocate funds for premium Business Cards Print. Picking up the office table tennis table and coffee machine and holding some Business Cards Print will leave a deep first impression.