📣 Asian Name Card Printing Exchange Etiquette

Asian Name Card Printing Exchange Etiquette

For the Etiquette Asian will usually were exchanged their Name Card Printing at the end of the meeting.

There are many differentiation for example, at mid-day, double-sided Chinese Name Card Printing should be printed in English and the other side should be printed in Chinese. Ensure that the Chinese side uses "simplified" characters in mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Taiwan and Hong Kong exclusive areas use "traditional" characters.

Japanese Name Card Printing are called "Meishi" (or Japanese Name Card Printing) and have multiple meanings in Japan than in Western culture. In a society where individuals are not as important as the people they belong to, meishi provides access to the identity of their holders. In Korea, businessmen should always prepare Korean bilingual Name Card Printing and pay attention to the exchange of Korean translation Name Card Printing.

The Name Card Printing of Asian are always exchanged and should be exchanged with two hands (to show respect). The Asian Name Card Printing representative introduces himself to you, so please study the Name Card Printing first, and then put it on the table next to you or in the Name Card Printing case. It is polite. Meetings that show Asian Name Card Printing that have not been translated have almost caused irreparable damage to business relationships; this amounts to refusing to shake hands at Western business meetings. Besides, before showing the Asian Name Card Printing, please make sure it is clean and tidy; no corners or smudges with dog ears are allowed. 

Moreover, even if the people you meet read and write English, your Name Card Printing in China, Japan or South Korea should be bilingual. If your company is the oldest or largest company in your country, this fact may also exist on your credit card, etc and the best option is to stand up when exchanging Asian Name Card Printing.

And there still many etiquette you need to notice as Below:

• When presenting an Asian Name Card Printing, please make sure to hold the translated side up, facing your contact, the armor can read it.

• One-to-one, individual-to-person exchange of Asian Name Card Printing, and exchange with both hands when feasible.

• Never distribute (or throw away) your Asian Name Card Printing in the manner described above for playing cards.

• Do not place a stack of Asian Name Card Printing on the table, and do not allow others to remove Name Card Printing from the stack.

• If you are in a formal situation, you should put the translated Asian Name Card Printing face up on the table in front of you, and refer to it if necessary.

• Do not push the card into the back trouser pocket.

• Do not write comments on Name Card Printing where others are present. You can write information on your Name Card Printing (such as email, home phone number, etc.).

• Buy Asian Name Card Printing in bulk because almost everyone you meet wants to exchange one with you.

• Before showing the Asian Name Card Printing, please make sure it is clean and tidy; no corners or smudges with dog ears are allowed.

• To be truly polite, remove the Name Card Printing from a leather or professional Name Card Printing case.

• Don't be left out! Send your card again to the person you want to hear again. Separate from Asian travel, you may get more cards during your travel to Asia.