⚡ According to Layout Print Name Card

According to Layout Print Name Card

Namely, Print Name Cards can be made in different styles due to the different layouts of the usage methods. Print Name Card paper can be divided into ordinary Print Name Cards and folding Print Name Cards according to whether they can be folded. Ordinary Print Name Cards can also be divided into horizontal Print Name Cards and vertical Print Name Cards due to the different bottom surfaces of printing references.


1. Horizontal Print Name Card: 

Print Name Card printing method with wide side as low and narrow side as high. Horizontal Print Name Cards have become the most commonly used Print Name Card printing method because of their convenient design and cheap typesetting.


2. Vertical Print Name Card: 

Use the Print Name Card with the narrow side as the low side and the wide side as the high side. Vertical Print Name Cards are not suitable for personalized Print Name Card design because of their complicated layout and few reference design materials.


3. Folded Print Name Card: 

A foldable Print Name Card with half the information recording area than a normal Print Name Card.