📢 7 kinds of Name Card Printing designs are impressive

7 kinds of Name Card Printing designs are impressive

When it comes to Name Card Printing, you can spend money thinking outside the rectangle. The unique design can not only become an excellent conversation starter, but also can be built with powerful publicity tools. Here are six innovative Name Card Printing designs that will ensure you get inspiration.

1. Purposeful Name Card Printing

If you pay more effort to turn Name Card Printing into practical products, customers will think of you more when using Name Card Printing. For example, the Brazilian cheese shop Bon Vivant created 1,000 Name Card Printing, a pair of cheese graters. They are so popular that Bon Vivant must put customers on the waiting list for a few days before they can contact them.

2. Folding Name Card Printing

UrbanStore in the US uses die-cutting technology to design Name Card Printing that look like one-dimensional paper bags. To everyone's delight, one of them can be unfolded into a real miniature paper shopping bag.

3. Playful Name Card Printing

The playful design of the yoga studio shows that they are a friendly and approachable brand and do n’t care much about themselves. The card only clearly communicated what was provided, and it was memorable and impossible to play together.

4. Name Card Printing bag

Why not use Name Card Printing to surprise small gifts? At first glance, the Name Card Printing design of this gardening business seems to be different, until you hold it in hand and make it actually a small object inserted into a lawn seed.

5. Spot UV Name Card Printing

It creates a reflective-textured look that can add a sense of luxury to your Name Card Printing. To go a step further, you can try using bump UV, as in this amazing example, to visually enhance the design elements of the paper.

6. Embossed Name Card Printing

Embossing is a great way to add tactile elements to your Name Card Printing while maintaining a simple and elegant design. The advantage of this technology is that you can easily obtain different appearances according to the paper materials or decorations used. It looks as delicate and professional as the floral designer in this beautiful design.

7. Digital foil Name Card Printing

Digital foil is an amazing, eye-catching decoration that allows you to add a bold metallic effect in gold or silver to your Name Card Printing. Just like UV, digital foil also provides placement options to create attractive 3D effects.

Name Card Printing usually play a big role in establishing new customer relationships. So why not let your design stand out to increase the chance of making an unforgettable impression?

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