📢 5 Trends Name Card Business Card Design & Printing

5 Trends Name Card Business Card Design & Printing

For many business experts, your business card is the first (sometimes the only) marketing material that customers see before they decide to follow up or purchase. Therefore, the company strives to make completely different business cards and stand out from the competition. When you combine distinctive desires with the many options offered by modern technology, you can design and print unique business cards. Perhaps the most versatile marketing material, business cards still follow contemporary trends, which will make your brand look fresh and interesting. The following is a detailed introduction to five business card design and printing trends that you can use to differentiate companies today.

1. Interactive business card
With business experts replacing digital marketing with printing activities, mutual business cards are rapidly expanding. QR codes, augmented reality, scannable phone numbers on smartphones, and social media are all examples of ways to make business cards interact. 

2. Minimalist business card
Now, the focus is the most important. Therefore, minimalism is an excellent business card design strategy. 

3. Printing business cards
Printing is constantly evolving and can feature visual impact and trademark tools in your designs. When your layout represents most of the visual elements, your business card will stand out, get attention and be easy to remember. 

4. Square business card
Last year, I strictly printed a square business card for the distribution of network activities, and the response was amazing-I sent someone to replace the comment, and I received more follow-up calls than the previous network activities. My slogan is that my company is different, and the square reinforces this concept. 

5. Unique die-cut business card
Die-cut business cards already exist, but the combination of current die-cutting technology and simultaneous die-cut printing prices makes them more popular than before. Die-cutting makes your business unique, something that other design and printing technologies cannot. Mainly because you can create custom die-cut shapes that are relevant to your business and can hardly be ignored.