📣 4 Special Name Card Printing Etiquettes

4 Special Name Card Printing Etiquettes

1.Never leave the house or office without your Name Card Printing 

Always carry a copy of the Name Card Printing, packing box, holder or any container that can protect the Name Card Printing from being worn. You will never know when to donate. White, to ensure you invest in quality Name Card Printing. This is an extension of your profession and the company you represent. It is best to provide a Name Card Printing with a well thought out layout, color scheme and standard fonts.

2.Always bring Name Card Printing with you

Your Name Card Printing is not something you want to give to everyone you meet at the event. Although the goal of building a network is to connect with as many people as possible, you still need to identify qualified potential customers, sources of recommendations or future employers. In short, you need to choose whom to exchange the calling card with.

This does not mean that you should only talk and meet with people you think need or need your products or services in the future. Especially in social activities, this is ridiculous.

3.Hand out your Name Card Printing when someone ask for it

Don't be too radical during the whole process. Waiting for your card to be asked. If someone is interested in contacting you after the event, he or she will ask how to contact you. It is time to give him or her your Name Card Printing.

Ask the other party's contact information. You are more likely to receive your Name Card Printing. The principle of reciprocity is as follows. If he or she forgets to call you, you can follow up with your conversation. Just make sure you want to remind that person what you are talking about during the event.

4.Do not waste your Name Card Printing

Do not store the collected Name Card Printing on the back of the notebook, especially in front of people. Keep them in a location that you can easily access when you need the product or service later.

This is standard practice. If you do not plan to follow up, why do you collect Name Card Printing? Is it a waste of time and energy at both ends? The premise is that you need to take advantage of the first meeting and conversation.